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The New York State Smart Grid Consortium is a unique public-private partnership that promotes broad statewide implementation of a safe, secure and reliable smart grid.

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    Governor Cuomo Announces Plan to Create World-Class Research and Development Laboratory to Develop Next Generation Electric Grid

    Largest Such R&D Facility in the World Will Support Electric System Resiliency and Advance Use of Renewable Resources. Click the photo to learn more!

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    PSC issues REV Track One Order

    On February 26, 2015, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an Order to adopt a policy framework for a reformed retail electric industry. In the Order, the PSC also will decide those issues that need resolution at this stage, discuss numerous issues that need further development, and specify a process for moving forward.

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    NY Prize accepting proposals for microgrids
    that meet energy and resiliency needs of local communities.

    Applicants, which may include local governments, community organizations, non-profit entities, and for-profit companies, can now submit proposals for Stage 1 Feasibility Studies. Click this slide for a link to the RFP.

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    Grid Related Research at New York State’s Universities: Final Report January 2015

    The immediate goal of this project is to identify research capabilities related to grid modernization at universities throughout the state. This effort is part of a larger initiative to organize and promote statewide smart grid-related research. The final version is now available for viewing, click above to learn more.

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    Utilities: The Future’s Distribution System Platform

    The New York State Public Service Commission (NYS PSC) took the bold step of launching the “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) proceeding in April 2014. They mapped an ambitious vision of the future for the state’s electricity system, giving more than 200 stakeholders the opportunity to participate in a collaborative process charting the “rules of the road” for the path forward.

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    New York Allocates $3.3 Million to Improve Grid Resiliency and Efficiency

    Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that $3.3 million has been awarded to seven research teams to develop technologies that add resiliency and efficiency to New York State's electric grid.

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    Welcome to the NYS SmartGrid Consortium

    The purpose of the Consortium is to collectively harness the unique resources of New York State to help define and achieve its strategic Smart Grid vision; facilitate and enable timely, efficient, cost-effective Smart Grid developments; and serve as a model for the nation.

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    Governor Cuomo Announces Winners
    of PowerbridgeNY Contest to
    Drive Development of Clean Energy Products

    Joint Columbia University/NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Center Funds Projects to Turn Cleantech Ideas into Businesses and Grow New York's Economy. Click here to read the press release.

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    RISE : NYC

    RISE : NYC is a competition designed to identify and deploy creative new technologies and solutions to make New York City businesses more resilient to the impacts of future storms, sea level rise and other effects of climate change.

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    Priority Initiatives

    The long-term goal of modernizing New York’s electrical grid to improve reliability and resiliency,
    lower long-term costs, and identify best practices to meet the evolving energy service needs of
    consumers, will only be achieved through a collaboration of many different stakeholders who are
    each responsible for different parts of the solution.

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    News & Events

    For the latest News and Events for New York State Smart Grid Consortium
    as well as Industry ad Global Smart Grid news please click above.


Latest News

NYISO Reports $7 Billion Savings From NYS Move to Competitive Electricity Markets

New York State consumers and the state’s power grid have reaped significant savings and benefits from NYS’ transition to competitive electricity markets, according to a [...]

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Tracy McKibbin Nominated as Trustee of NY Power Authority

The nomination of Tracy McKibbin as Trustee of the New York Power Authority was among new administration appointments announced by New York State Governor Andrew [...]

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Smarter Grid Solutions Awarded Place on UK DECC Energy Technical Specialist Framework

Smarter Grid Solutions consulting work on projects in the U.S. and abroad dealing with demand-side response solutions, microgrids, distribution generation, and energy storage has earned [...]

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NYSERDA Boosts Efforts to Support Large-Scale Renewables

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has proposed a long-term commitment to support large-scale renewables, including solar, wind and other clean [...]

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New York Energy Week Is Almost Here: Check Out the Ambitious Program!

The third annual New York Energy Week (June 15-19, 2015) will bring together policy makers and leaders from all sectors of the energy industry, finance, [...]

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How DSPPs Will Advance the Reforming the Energy Vision Plan

National Grid Director of Strategy Jon Poor, NY Public Service Commission Chair Audrey Zibelman, other energy experts discuss progress and challenges of having utilities transform [...]

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Upcoming Events

Meeting of the Electricity Advisory Committee @ National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)
Jun 29 – Jun 30 all-day

The Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee will hold a meeting on Monday, June 29 and Tuesday, June 30 at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 4301 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA. Members of the public are invited on a first come, first served basis (depending on the availability of meeting room space) to listen to the Committee proceedings and to make comments.

Jim Gallagher of the New York State SmartGrid Consortium will be presenting on June 30th.

To learn more, please click here: http://energy.gov/oe/june-29-30-2015-meeting-electricity-advisory-committee

Grid Modernization Summit – Washington, D.C.
Jul 15 – Jul 17 all-day


Grid modernization is an urgent and imperative requirement as the energy demands of the nation continue to grow, expand and evolve. With a multitude of new energy sources, including new alternative fuel, renewable and traditional suppliers; new methods of electricity management, storage and distribution; and new technologies to direct, analyze and redirect energy, there is a driving imperative to implement a new, more efficient and effective grid to better balance supply and demand.

In addition, innovative approaches in automation, redundant systems and other related concepts, such as microgrids and improved storage methods, have allowed for a more robust and flexible system to emerge, one that is both efficient and effective and can minimize and eliminate inconsistency in service and supply interruption even in heavy demand and emergency scenarios.

This conference will cover the latest innovations, the newest concepts and the most recent developments in the industry and take a look at the future of the grid using a case study and data-driven curriculum. This event will also afford all in attendance a great opportunity to ask questions of their peers, industry colleagues and experts from throughout the marketplace in an interactive setting and networking opportunity, and provide an in-depth look today at the smarter, more effective and highly efficient modernized grid of tomorrow.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/conferences/us-gm1-grid-modernization.asp

T&D Control Room & Intelligent Energy Systems Conference – Chicago, IL
Jul 21 – Jul 23 all-day


Building the foundation for tomorrow’s smarter energy infrastructure requires actionable insights and visualization into massive volumes of data. Platforms that empower real-time insight, analysis and control, as well as integration with the expanding smart grid infrastructure will continue to take center stage for bulk power system operations. In an industry that typically hasn’t undergone vast change, the recent evolution has accelerated the need for a knowledge-based infrastructure and achieving this awareness is paramount in order to become a fully interconnected energy system. As the industry continues to progress, more challenges for grid operators will be presented, however this will propose new opportunities and advantages for the industry.

To learn more about this event, please view:  http://www.marcusevansassets.com/HTML/CHC724-Draft%20Agenda_2.pdf (PDF)

NY REV 2.0, July 29-30, 2015 – New York, NY
Jul 29 – Jul 30 all-day



Hear from regulators, utilities, thought leaders and technology providers about:

  • How comprehensive reforms will reconfigure utility regulation and provide new means of investment recovery
  • Developing utility “distribution system platforms” to enable the integration of distributed generation and other distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar PV, demand response, energy storage and electric vehicles
  • How the Distribution System Operators (DSOs) concept will be enabled through regulatory, strategic and business model change
  • New opportunities for third parties to provide grid services

Jim Gallagher will be speaking at NY REV 2.0.

For more information, please visit: http://www.infocastinc.com/events/ny-rev-summit

Rural Smart Grid Summit @ Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa
Nov 1 – Nov 3 all-day


In 2015, the Rural Smart Grid Summit (RSGS) will be held November 1-3, 2015 at the beautiful Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California. For more about the venue, agenda and speakers, please click the appropriate links below.


Smart Grid Modernization Activities Underway In NY State

There are a variety of key activities now underway in New York State that are relevant to grid modernization.

Learn more about these activities by clicking here to read more about NY State Smart Grid Modernization.

  • Con Edison Modernized Distribution System Demonstration
  • Con Edison Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Demonstration Project
  • Con Edison CoolNYC Program
  • Orange and Rockland Smart Grid Deployment Project
  • LIPA 110 Corridor Demonstration Project
  • NYISO Phasor Measurement Unit Network for New York
  • NYPA Evaluation of Instrumentation and Dynamic Thermal Ratings for Overhead Lines
  • New NYISO Control Center
  • NYSEG Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant
  • National Grid – Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Partnership
  • AES Energy Storage 8MW Battery-based Storage System

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