New York: A Leader in Energy Innovation

The state continues to advance its bold vision for a clean and more resilient, reliable, and affordable energy system.

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The New York State SmartGrid Consortium

is a unique public-private partnership that promotes statewide implementation of a safe, secure and reliable smart grid.


Partnership With Puerto Rico

NYSSGC partners with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and ProsumerGrid to Help Strengthen Puerto Rico’s Power Grid.


ARPA•E – Changing What’s Possible

The Consortium is part of team, led by ProsumerGrid, that was awarded $3 million from APRA-E to develop a Distribution System Operator Simulation Studio tool.


Welcome to NYS Smart Grid Consortium

Mission: The purpose of the Consortium is to collectively harness the unique resources of New York State to help define and achieve its strategic Smart Grid vision; facilitate and enable timely, efficient, cost-effective Smart Grid developments; and serve as a model for the nation.

Latest News

Governor Cuomo: NYS’ Electricity to Be 100% Carbon Neutral by 2040

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo urged the state legislature to take action on a number of initiatives detailed in his “2019 Justice Agenda.” Among them is the Green New Deal, which will set the state on a path to eliminating its carbon footprint with the goal of making New York’s electricity 100% carbon neutral […]

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Energy Storage Order and Draft Bridge Incentive Design

To download a PDF of the slides, please click here.

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NYS Ups Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage Targets to Combat Climate Change

In a further move to combat climate change and meet the state’s clean energy goals, the New York State Public Service Commission has approved significant increases in the state’s energy efficiency and energy storage targets. Responding to a directive by Governor Andrew Cuomo to develop an ambitious new energy efficiency target by Earth Day, the […]

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Upcoming Events

ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings, Cities, and Transportation @ Columbia University
Nov 13 – Nov 14 all-day

The ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings, Cities, and Transportation will provide the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights into Improved user interfaces to the built environment and civil infrastructure, Infrastructure operational analytics, Sensing and control for managing urban infrastructure systems, Novel sensor methodologies, techniques, and tools, Security, privacy, safety, and reliability inbuilt systems, Environmental Sensing, etc.

NextGen SCADA Global 2020
Jan 27 – Jan 31 all-day

The 4th edition of the NextGen SCADA Global conference takes place 27 – 31 January 2019, in Berlin. This year’s programme will draw together 150+ participants to review 20+ utility implementation case-studies from leading TSOs and DSOs. This year’s week-long programme begins with a SCADA System Integration Tutorial, followed by a 3-day main conference focussed on NextGen SCADA implementation case studies, and concludes with a seminar on SCADA Cybersecurity.


Smart Grid Modernization Activities Underway In NY State

There are a variety of key activities now underway in New York State that are relevant to grid modernization.

Learn more about these activities by clicking here to read more about NY State Smart Grid Modernization.

  • Con Edison Modernized Distribution System Demonstration
  • Con Edison Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Demonstration Project
  • Con Edison CoolNYC Program
  • Orange and Rockland Smart Grid Deployment Project
  • LIPA 110 Corridor Demonstration Project
  • NYISO Phasor Measurement Unit Network for New York
  • NYPA Evaluation of Instrumentation and Dynamic Thermal Ratings for Overhead Lines
  • New NYISO Control Center
  • NYSEG Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant
  • National Grid – Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Partnership
  • AES Energy Storage 8MW Battery-based Storage System

Become a Member

JOIN US: If your organization is interested in becoming a member of the NY State Smart Grid Consortium please click on the below link and complete the form.

Membership in the New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC) provides organizations with access to the industry leaders that are part of this unique public-private partnership devoted to promoting broad statewide implementation of a safe, secure and reliable smart grid. As a nonprofit organization established specifically to accelerate grid modernization throughout New York State, the Consortium serves as a very strong forum for member organizations to develop and shape future policies, projects and strategies.




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