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The primary mission of the NYSSGC is to continuously advocate for smart grid implementation by both the public and private sector. While agnostic with respect to specific technologies, the Consortium is committed to educating the public and assisting regulators, policy makers, and investors in assessing the potential benefits of technology and the appropriate extent of the commitment by New York’s utilities, technology providers, educational institutions, research laboratories and public agencies to the deployment of advanced energy technology.

As part of this mission, the Consortium will:

  • Identify aggregate needs of member organizations and communicate them to policy makers, the public and key stakeholders.
  • Maintain a vision for what the grid of the future will look like and the benefits it will provide to both those producing and delivering the power and those consuming it.
  • Focus on implementing initiatives in the short-term that meet member and stakeholder needs and tangibly demonstrate the potential capabilities of the smart grid.


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