Non-Wires Alternatives

Through Non-Wires Alternatives (NWAs) initiatives, utilities procure distributed energy resources (DERs) and other non-traditional resources to defer or avoid conventional infrastructure investments. Furthermore, in many cases DER procurement can lower costs, including the elimination for the need to invest in transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades.  They will also often time lower emissions while maintaining or potentially improving system reliability. NWA procurements present an opportunity for DER developers/stakeholders to respond to RFP/RFI filed by a New York utility. Responses should be sent directly to the utility and not REV Connect. The NY utilities involved in this initiative include Central HudsonCon EdisonOrange & RocklandNational GridNew York State Electric & Gas, and Rochester Gas & Electric. As of June 2017, New York leads in the U.S. in NWA activity.


Regulator Reports

Non-Wires Alternatives Implementation, Customer and Community Outreach Plan
January 30, 2017 | Con Edison | This report provides components of Con Edison’s NWA program, including detailed measurement and verification procedures, a process for identifying a portfolio of NWA projects, a description of the recovery of NWA expenditures that will demonstrate they are incremental to Con Edison’s revenue requirements, and a customer and community outreach plan.

Joint Utilities’ Supplemental Information on the Non-Wires Alternatives Identification and Sourcing Process and Notification Practices
May 8, 2017 | As requested by stakeholders and directed by the New York State Public Service Commission, this filing by Con Edison on behalf of the Joint Utilities provides greater transparency into the NWA identification and sourcing processes and how the utilities will further develop NWA opportunities as the basis for a market solicitation. Appendices 1 through 5 provide utility-specific information on NWA Suitability Criteria, timing of the development of each utility’s capital plan, identification of NWA opportunities, a description of project needs, and the expected timing of solicitations tied to these opportunities.

Independent & Stakeholder Reports

Non-Wires Alternatives Non-Traditional Transmission and Distribution Solutions: Market Drivers and Barriers, Business Models, and Global Market Forecasts
April 2017 | This ICF white paper draws from industry experience to explore NWA challenges, opportunities, and best practices, and makes recommendations that can help utilities procure NWA solutions more efficiently and smoothly in order to make demonstrations more effective and scalable beyond pilot projects to full-fledged operational portfolios.

Procuring Distribution Non-Wires Alternatives: Practical Lessons from the Bleeding Edge
July 2017 | Drawing from industry experience to-date, this ICF white paper focuses on NWA procurement and provides insights into the current state of distribution system NWA procurement and procurement best practices.

Non-Wires Alternatives Projects: Emerging Utility Revenue Sources for the Distributed Energy Market
June 2017 | GTM Research | This Grid Edge article explores how, by enabling utilities to engage in load-modifying distributed generation and storage technologies, NWA offers a mechanism through which utilities can leverage the growth of distributed energy resources.

DER and the Non-Wires Solutions Opportunity
May 2018 | This report by the Solar Energy Industries Association, is the fifth in SEIA’s series on grid modernization, and focuses on the ways in which utilities are deferring traditional distribution grid investments with investments in DER.


Utility-Specific Non-Wires Alternatives (NWAs) Opportunities
Joint Utilities | Online information from the Joint Utilities that provide an overview of utility-specific NWA opportunities, including a link to each utility’s current webpage listing its NWAs and providing the latest details about its NWA opportunities and related solicitations.

Central Hudson
Online information from Central Hudson providing an overview of utility-specific NWA opportunities.

Con Edison
Online information from Con Edison providing an overview of utility-specific NWA opportunities.

National Grid
Online information from National Grid providing an overview of utility-specific NWA opportunities.

Online information from NYSE&G providing an overview of utility-specific NWA opportunities.

Online information from RG&E providing an overview of utility-specific NWA opportunities.