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Future of Energy Summit

April 24, 2017 – April 25, 2017 all-day
Grand Hyatt NYC, New York, NY

Agenda Topics

Changing fundamentals and the value of electricity

Transportation: do consumers want a transport transformation?

The rise of distributed energy and smarter energy management

kWh’s are growing harder to value as daily supply profiles are disrupted by close-to-zero marginal cost renewable energy. How will this fundamental change affect energy market players and regulators and what has been learnt in the most advanced markets?

How will changing consumer preferences, regulatory pressures and technology changes shape the automotive market in the next ten years? Will EVs take off or remain niche products? What will this mean for oil markets and electricity demand? Is the transport industry facing large scale disruption?

What is the state and what are the implications of retail rate reforms and the blurring of the boundary between transmission and distribution grids for distributed energy, energy storage applications, consumers and market players?


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