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SR Hydro Conference & Exhibition 2018

May 8, 2018 all-day
Perth Concert Hall, Australia

The hydropower sector offers benefits beyond clean energy. This conference will explore how to maximise the range of added value the sector brings, how those benefits are central to policy making across both the Scottish and UK Governments, and how to ensure hydro’s unique selling points are properly recognised.

With onshore wind and solar the cheapest forms of low-carbon generation, offshore wind rapidly falling down the cost curve, and supporting technologies like batteries becoming cheaper – making the case for a route to market for hydro will not be done on cost alone.

This sector is uniquely placed to deliver real benefit to Scotland, as well as further afield. While this conference will explore the barriers facing the sector, it will begin a real conversation on how to recognise all the benefits of hydropower. After all, hydro is more than just power from the glens.

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