Innovation Highlights

Grid Modernization Activities Underway in New York

New York State is already underway at testing and deploying new technologies that will create a more flexible, efficient, and resilient grid that meets the state’s grid modernization challenges.
  • Enhancing the situational awareness of the grid, i.e., the ability to know what is happening on the grid and to anticipate future problems in order to take effective actions
  • Enhancing the control of the grid, i.e., advanced controls and automated response strategies that will increase system performance and efficiency
  • Improving the grid’s “self healing” capability, i.e., automatically detecting, isolating, and responding to power system disturbances, enabling improved reliability and resiliency
  • Providing more information and tools that help consumers better manage their electricity usage, i.e., providing more detailed usage information through two way usage information and control technologies that will help consumers conserve energy and save money
  • Pushing research and development, i.e, effectively harnessing and focusing all of New York State’s research talent and resources
  • Helping to Define Policy, i.e., updates on key standards to achieve interoperability and functionality of smart grid systems and devices underway at both the federal and state levels

Much of the technology needed to provide these new or enhanced capabilities is available. However, some technologies have never been deployed on a large scale. Several major initiatives are underway in New York helping to make the state’s electrical grid more flexible, efficient, and resilient. Please click here to learn more about some of the grid modernization activities underway in New York State and how they are working to benefit you.