Con Edison CoolNYC Program

This project involves working with building owners and tenants in large apartment buildings throughout New York City to install smart air conditioning controls. The goal of the program is to help residential customers use less energy for air conditioning and provide Con Edison a resource to help maintain high reliability during peak load periods. Con Edison plans to install controls through “modlets” on 10,000 air conditioners. This will result in a 5-MW demand reduction, which is enough to power 5000 homes. Partnering with ThinkEco, Con Edison is installing the modlets in the summer of 2012 on window air conditioning units; there are over six million air conditioning units of this type in New York City, and some of them run unnecessarily when residents are not at home. The modlet is a plug-in smart outlet that a smart air conditioning thermostat can control. Customers will be able to remotely turn on or off their air conditioning, set its temperature, and set the schedule, from a smart phone or browser. When needed during peak load periods, Con Edison will alert these customers and adjust the unit’s temperature to reduce usage.

For more information, refer to:
Con Edison Website: Con Edison and ThinkEco Launch Window Air Conditioner Energy Savings Program