Evaluation of Instrumentation and Dynamic Thermal Ratings for Overhead Lines

Funded in part from a U.S. Department of Energy ARRA grant, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and EPRI will demonstrate the effects that Dynamic Thermal Circuit Ratings (DTCR) technology can have on areas of the New York State transmission system where there is abundant wind generation potential, including Massena (St. Lawrence County) and Chateaugay (Franklin County). The goal is to increase the capacity of existing lines by using actual weather information and conductor temperature instead of using engineering estimates. This project could result in a 5-15 percent increase in transmission line capacity to allow for more wind power, defer millions of dollars in capital expenditures on transmission projects, and enable improved situational awareness for grid operators. The total budget for this project is $1.44 million, including a federal share of $720,000. Key partners are the NYISO, NYSERDA, and EPRI.

For more information, refer to:
NYPA website: ‘Smart Grid’ for New York
Smart Grid.gov: NYPA Evaluation Instrumentation and Dynamic Thermal Ratings for Overhead Lines