Consumer Survey

The 2017 “New York Consumer Pulse Study” was commissioned by the NYSSGC to ensure that the voice of the consumer is clearly and directly considered by New York energy thought leaders as they develop policies and programs to carry out the State’s aggressive clean energy and grid modernization agenda. It was conducted in partnership with the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC), based in Atlanta, Georgia, as part of their national “Consumer Pulse and Market Segmentation Study.” The study reached over 700 New York energy consumers and examined key measures of consumer awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and perceived benefits and barriers as they relate to Smart Grid-enabled programs, the State’s Reforming the Energy Vision initiative, and advanced energy technologies. By engaging consumers in advancing clean energy, New York can continue its strong leadership in clean energy successfully.

How willing are New Yorkers to pay for clean energy? How aware are they of the benefits of the smart grid? How do they view their current utility? How do they compare to their counterparts nationally? The comprehensive study answers these questions and much more.


Resources & Links

NY Consumer Pulse Final Report [PDF]

NY Consumer Pulse Webinar Video (07/19/17) [MP4]

NY Consumer Pulse Webinar (07/19/17) [PDF]

NY Consumer Pulse Webinar (07/19/17) [PPT]