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A self-healing grid is capable of automatically detecting, isolating, and responding to power system disturbances, which improves reliability and resiliency.

Fully Automated Restoration Operations

O&R is demonstrating self-healing using its virtual SCADA system. This system, through monitoring and dispatch, fully automates restoration operations. Line reclosers equipped with communications packages that are tied into SCADA systems clear faults automatically and report status and other system parameters in real time. Using this real-time data, the auto restoration system determines the location of the fault and opens SCADA-operable switches to isolate the fault to segments of 250 customers or less. The auto restoration system then closes the appropriate switching devices, rerouting power automatically in seconds in the event of a disturbance or outage on the system. This resolves the complexity of handling the coordination of a large number of SCADA-operable devices for any conceivable set of contingencies. The central intelligence of the virtual SCADA system performs a “faster than real-time” system analysis that coordinates and executes the restoration plan.

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