General Smart Grid Questions

What is the Smart Grid?
The national power infrastructure that serves our electricity needs today is commonly referred to as “the grid.” A “smart grid” transforms the current electricity grid to one that functions more cooperatively, responsively and organically, making systems cleaner, safer, more reliable and efficient.
Do other states have a Smart Grid? How will the states work together?
There is growing agreement among federal and state policymakers that a nationwide smart grid is not only needed but well within reach. Many states will or have begun to incorporate Smart Grid technologies into their local systems. Nationally, states will work together to share best practices and achieve the best results for all.
How will the Smart Grid impact me, how will I benefit?
The Smart Grid will provide higher levels of satisfaction, improved reliability, shorter outages, increased efficiency, customer energy/cost savings, the highest levels of security and a timely incorporation of renewable energy.
How long will it take until the Smart Grid turns into reality?
Some of the technologies and enhancements are already in place today; others will require further development and testing before they can be fully implemented. The full transformation of our current electricity grid will occur over a period of time in a phased manner as new technologies and systems are developed and introduced.
How will these improvements be funded?
Smart Grid enhancements are currently being supported by local utilities, commercial institutions and consumers. However, due to the U.S. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, stimulus funds will be awarded to qualifying institutions to help fund smart grid initiatives, with up to 50% of research and development costs being matched by the Department of Energy. Ultimately the improvements should provide economic advantages to all participants across the value chain (generation, transmission, distribution and consumption).
How can I participate in a pilot program?
Please check with your electric utility for local program availability. Links and other information to these pilot programs will be posted on the New York State Smart Grid Consortium website as they become available. Questions and comments can also be submitted via Contact Us.

Consortium Questions

Why was the New York State Smart Grid Consortium formed?
The purpose of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium is to harness the combined resources of New York State across the value chain to benefit customers by promoting sustained economic development opportunities and improved performance of the electric power supply and delivery system through smart grid technology development and implementation.
What is its vision for today and tomorrow?
The New York State Strategic Smart Grid Vision represents a comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative approach to implement an efficient, effective, and secure electric power supply and delivery system that meets the energy needs of all customers in the New York State.
What are the primary functions of the Consortium?
The Consortium has four primary functions:

  1. develop a strategic smart grid vision and process for New York
  2. serve as a liaison to DOE for reporting on the broad public benefits resulting from smart grid stimulus projects
  3. optimize and coordinate public funds
  4. support collaborative research and development.
How can I become a member? What is the process? Are there membership qualifications, dues, etc?
The Consortium is governed by a Board designed to represent each portion of the value chain. The members of the Board have a process to admit new members.
Can I get more information about the Consortium? Who should I contact?
Additional information including contact phone numbers, email and mailing addresses can be found via Contact Us.