Micro-mobility is one of the many efforts to reduce car dependency, ease traffic congestion, and promote healthy lifestyles. Micro-mobility includes solutions such as scooters, bike shares, and other vehicles.

New start-up companies eager to capture the market have flooded cities causing many companies to face mounting criticism.

Some best practices to provide the greatest benefit to users and the community include; cross sector partnerships between companies and governments, education workshops for users and governments, advocacy for bike/scooter lanes to improve safety, geofenced hazardous areas, restricted use from drunkards, parking controls using GPS, and telematics to require helmets.

Further efforts include sharing data (such as speed, when/where being used, distance, destination, use patterns, intervention events) with municipalities, sharing public transit ridership data to rideshare companies, sharing financials on per ride cost for train/taxi versus train/scooter to commuters, and sharing long term strategic plans between companies and municipalities.

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