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New York City’s Electricity Journey

The New York Times has recently published an in-depth overview of electricity in New York City.  The article thoroughly covers the state’s electricity, including creation, grid balancing, efficient transmission, and delivery to residents. At any given location, electricity may have traveled hundreds of miles to reach its destination, and it usually comes from a privately owned power plant. Electricity operators undergo exhaustive training to ensure they are as prepared as possible for any potential risks; weather is the biggest variable impacting power generation and delivery, with overheating due to high temperatures and storms causing floods. Currently, less than 25 percent of New York’s energy comes from renewables, and the goal, as mandated by Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard, is to have 50 percent come from renewables by 2030. Hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy, present in several facilities in the state, are key to this goal. NYSSGC member NYISO has developed tools using climate data to try to predict how much power wind farms will generate. Read more from the New York Times here.


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