The New York State Smart Grid Consortium is a unique public-private partnership that brings together the world’s leading utilities, technology providers, policy makers, and research institutions to identify opportunities that promote and support the modernization of the grid in New York State. To accelerate the adoption of new technologies, regulation, and market mechanisms, the NYSSGC seeks to facilitate collaboration among the various stakeholders.

In this context, the NYSSGC is working on a project to inventory research related to grid modernization in New York State. This Inventory will help the NYSSGC and other stakeholders better match university capabilities and research needs with industry collaboration opportunities.
The immediate goal of the project is to identify and promote research capabilities related to grid modernization currently underway at universities in New York State. The results of this effort will lead to a second phase of the project that will (a) identify the gaps where additional research might be needed and (b) organize, promote and publicize these capabilities to relevant stakeholders. Ultimately, this will serve as a guide to the industry in addressing the challenges of modernizing New York’s grid.

Through this questionnaire we are looking to identify the research capabilities related to grid modernization currently underway at universities in New York. We are looking to learn about the expertise, facilities, past and ongoing projects, and other information regarding the universities’ research efforts.

The information shared here will not be released to anyone without previous communication and request for authorization from the organization you represent.

This is the primary phase of a larger effort to organize and promote the grid related research efforts currently underway in the State. Your participation would, thus, significantly contribute to the goals of the Inventory and generate greater collaboration opportunities with key stakeholders in the industry.

The NYSSGC appreciates your time and collaboration with the project.

Please Note: The following questionnaire must be fully completed for submission, there is no option to save and return later. Please have all related materials and supporting documents available. If you wish to copy/paste into the form fields below we request you do so from a plain text document  (example: Notepad) with all formatting removed.
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