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Please click below on the list of available online resources related to smart grid technologies and innovations in the nation and more specifically in New York State.


Helpful Links
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)
    ARPA-E focuses exclusively on high risk, high payoff concepts – technologies promising genuine transformation in the ways we generate, store and utilize energy.
  • GridWise Alliance (GWA)
    GWA represents the broad and diverse stakeholders that design, build and operate the electric grid.
    Online resource of utility news and information for metering and customer management professionals.
  • National Energy Education Development Project (NEED)
    Promoting an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs.
  • National Grid Smart Energy Solutions
    Thanks to advancements in technology, National Grid customers will soon be empowered to better manage and control their energy use and play a more active role in energy delivery.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Website for consumers, engineers, or policymakers alike to learn about and participate in the Smart Grid and in the development of the interoperable standards that will make it possible.
  • NYC Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency
    The Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency (SIRR) to address how to create a more resilient New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with a long-term focus on preparing for and protecting against the impacts of climate change.
  • NY Green Bank
    The NY Green Bank is a $1B initiative first announced in Governor Cuomo’s 2013 State of the State Address. On September 9, 2013, NYSERDA filed a petition with the Public Service Commission seeking the first round of funding to capitalize the Green Bank.
  • New York State Energy Highway
    A sweeping public-private initiative to upgrade and modernize New York State’s electric power system, providing reliable, economical power to New York’s homes and businesses for the next half century while creating jobs, energizing private-sector investment and protecting the State’s environment and the well-being of its citizens.
  • The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology (NY-BEST)
    Bringing together New York’s energy storage companies, universities, and government partners to help build and promote a vibrant, world-class, advanced battery and energy storage sector in New York
  • The NY-Sun Initiative
    The NY-Sun initiative brings together and expands existing programs administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), and the New York Power Authority (NYPA), to ensure a coordinated, well-funded solar energy expansion plan.
  • Smart
    Smart Grid information, tools and resources spanning a wide range of current and planned Smart Grid technologies and projects.
  • Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
    Working to learn the wants/needs of energy consumers in the U.S., encourage the collaborative sharing of best practices in consumer engagement among industry stakeholders, and educate the public about the benefits of the smart grid.
  • Smart Grid Week on
    New series, Smart Grid Week from June 3-9, 2013, highlights efforts happening across the country to build a more reliable, resilient and secure electric grid. Throughout the week share your own perspectives and ask questions about the smart grid via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.
  • U.S. Department of Energy-Smart Grid
    The Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability’s (OE) Web site on smart grid education, activities and other related topics.
  • U.S. Energy Information Administration: Energy Kids
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s website features more than 100 pages of fun educational content for kids, parents, and teachers.


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