The first REV Connect Innovation Sprint webinar of 2018, scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, at 2 pm ET, will focus on Clean Heating and Cooling. Innovation Sprints are a new way from REV Connect to connect market players with utilities around specific important themes and timeframes. This webinar will offer heating and cooling technology and solution providers a time-bound opportunity to work with New York utilities to shape ideas that will animate New York’s clean heating and cooling market, deliver value to customers and feed into near-term partnership opportunities. The webinar will also cover the specific opportunities for participants in this Sprint, provide deadlines and key dates, and discuss the interests of New York utilities as they relate to Clean Heating and Cooling solutions. Utility and state panelists will provide critical information to inform REV Connect submissions for this Innovation Sprint. The discussion and Q&A will be facilitated by a REV Connect moderator. To register, click here.