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Solar Modules Complete at Brookhaven Lab

Brookhaven National Laboratory, a Consortium member, has begun housing functional solar modules in recently vacant solar array racks due to its connection with the Northeast Solar Energy Research Center (NSERC). Located at Brookhaven Lab, NSERC recently completed its planned expansion, resulting in new solar modules which will provide 907 kilowatts of renewable solar energy. Along with providing this power source, NSERC serves as a Department of Energy research and test facility for the solar and electric grid industries, including a solar photovoltaic research array for field testing and investigating  new technologies under northeastern weather conditions. NSERC estimates that it will provide one million kilowatts of energy to the Brookhaven Lab campus per year, saving in costs and promoting energy efficiency. Click here to read more from Brookhaven National Laboratory and here to learn more about NSERC.


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