What is the Smart Grid

What Is The Smart Grid

The definition and vision of smart grid varies greatly in terms of scope and means many things to many people. It is not a “one size fits all” technology and it must be adapted and configured for each user along the energy value chain. Smart Grid is a vision for the electric delivery system of the future.

The U.S. Department of Energy defines Smart Grid as follows:

  • Anticipates and responds to system disturbances in a self-healing manner
  • Enables active consumer participation
  • Accommodates all generation and storage options
  • Enables new eco opportunities
  • Optimizes asset utilization and efficient operation
  • Provides the power quality needed in a digital economy

In the broadest form, Smart Grid is the long-anticipated convergence of information and telecommunication (both in technology and policy) into electricity generation, delivery, and consumption of energy. In the most general sense, the Smart Grid is the implementation of technologies that will allow the grid to function more efficiently in a cost-effective manner, and also supports public policy goals.